Elan Bartholomew

An Online Portfolio

Prince of Heaven – A documentary website

Created May, 2013

This is a client-hosted Wordpress site I created for the independent documentary "Prince of Heaven," which follows the story of a former member of a polygamist LDS family and his escape from the cult. Links to external donation pages on the site helped the filmmakers fund the production and distribution of the film--a kind of help that is unparalleled for independent productions. The decision to set the princeofheavenmovie.com up as Wordpress site was very important, as it allowed for the filmmakers to post updates on the progress of the film on their own, as they occurred. I completely redesigned the look of the theme from the Sundance theme, originally created by Automattic.

Band on the Moon – A band website

Created November, 2012

This is a client-hosted Wordpress site I created for my band, Band on the Moon. We had been operating site-less for a significant time under the name of 'The Direction', but with the rising popularity of the band One Direction, we decided to change our name and felt this was a perfect opportunity to make a fully functional site for the band as well. After completely overhauling the 'Unsigned' theme from WooThemes, this site allowed us to upload our music directly to the site for visitors to listen to, post videos and images from our concerts, add up-to-date listings of our performances, and sell merchandise. The decision to make it a Wordpress site was extremely valuable, as it allowed all members of the band to post updates about our goings-on from wherever they were on their own time.

Pedestrian and Transit-Oriented Design – A Textbook Appendix Site

Created October, 2012

This site was created at the request of Professor Keith Bartholomew, a co-author of the book of the same name. As prices for textbooks become increasingly expensive, the cost of including appendices in these books becomes more and more problematic. Adding these documents in a comprehensive layout that is consistent with the design of the book itself significantly cut the price of printing and made for a streamlined experience for students.

Super Mario World Wide Web – An HTML Game

Created May, 2012

This was a site I created for my final project in an introductory web design class at the University of Utah. I designed it with the concept of retro, 'old-school' text-based role playing games, while still incorporating art from my favorite video game of all time: Super Mario World. Though simple, this helped immensely with my understanding of how creating web content truly works.