Elan Bartholomew

An Online Portfolio

Music Video for 'Paradise Circus' by Massive Attack

This music video was an independent project I created as a final project for a Digital Visual Effects class, simply because I am a very big fan of the group Massive Attack. It should be noted that, with the exception of the gorgeous Angela Petty (pictured left) who was filmed in front of a green screen, all footage in the music video was taken from various stock footage locations around the internet. That being said, this project is meant to be more of an example of my skill in Adobe After Effects (which was the sole application used to create this video) than an example of cinematographic skill.

The Air We Breathe: A Student Documentary On Utah Air Pollution

For those who are not very familiar with it, Salt Lake City is the home to extremely polluted air during the colder parts of the year. This short documentary was a final project for a Film Production I class I took at the University of Utah, and it uses a combination of self-shot and stock footage for the b-roll in the film.