Elan Bartholomew

An Online Portfolio

"Abandon The Moon" by Band on the Moon

Released July, 2013

This was the first full-length album we released under the name Band on the Moon (though we had done it before--see 'From VII & IV' below), and by far our most complex endeavor. All songs on the record were written by myself, and we recorded the entire album in under three weeks at High Desert Studios in Salt Lake City. The truly complex part of the process, however, came down to mixing and mastering the record. I shared mixing duties with our friend Austin Billings, who was in Philadelphia at the time while I myself was in Salt Lake. Through the power of Dropbox, we were able to efficiently make changes to the same project back and forth and produce an album the whole band was happy with.

"Deal With The Devil - EP" by Band on the Moon

Released August, 2012

This EP was an ambitious venture for us as a band, as it was the first time we ever tried making a record completely on our own. Though we enjoyed our time at Spy Hop Records with "From VII & IV", we wanted to have a bit more creative control over the project without the constraints of student schedules. That said, all songs were written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by myself.

"From VII & IV" by The Direction

Released July, 2010

This album was recorded when Band on the Moon was still going by The Direction in 2010 at Spy Hop Records in Salt Lake City, a creative media school that helps younger students gain various arts-technology skills. This album was produced 100% by the students of Spy Hop and was written by myself and bandmates Steve Hutchinson and Nate Carlisle.

"Rumble Tumble Saga" by Samson & Goliath - Indie Underground Volume 1

Released September, 2009

In the beginning days of my experience in recording music, I was part of an acoustic indie-rock band called Samson & Goliath that recorded a 4-song EP called "Rumble Tumble Saga" in 2009. While the EP itself was a limited, print-only release, the title track was picked up by Quickstar Productions and added to their Indie Underground compilation album, which is available for preview/purchase on iTunes.